How you can help


How you can help


through your treasures

Every single dollar of every single donation goes directly into growing the My Brother’s Keeper Scholarship Endowment Fund at UNCC. And every single dollar is tax-deductible. It is also permanent: being an endowment, the principal balance is never spent, and the interest gained becomes a perpetual source of scholarship funding. You work hard for what you earn. We’re honored that you consider using a portion of it to support our cause. 

To donate via check, please make all checks payable to UNC Charlotte Foundation, with My Brother's Keeper Fund #440522 on the memo line.  

Mailed to:

UNC Charlotte                                               Office of University Development                     9201 University City Blvd                                 Charlotte, NC 28223                                      ATTN: Drema Craft

If you would like to give electronically to the scholarship fund, simply choose one of the options below.

NOTE: You will be redirected to UNC Charlotte's giving page with the scholarship and amount already filled in for you.


THROUGH YOUR talents or time

Some people choose to give in a way that isn’t so easily quantifiable, but is incredibly invaluable. Outside of the University, all operational aspects of My Brother’s Keeper – from the blog posts, to the press releases, to the website updates – are done by a band of dedicated volunteers, including the founders. And we haven’t thought of everything. If there is a way you would like to help out, we’d love to hear about it.